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Order promotional umbrellas with your logo, business name printed on them.

Choose from a range of Promotional Umbrellas Including Shelta umbrellas


At Design Hub Studio we aim to be a top branding firm in Australia and we know we can achieve our aim by providing excellent service to help you with your branding requirements.

We can be partners in your growth right from the initial step of setting up your business where you would need logo designing, printing of business stationery, setting up a website to the stage where you might need uniforms or promotional products to convert your business into a popular brand.

Design Hub Studio can provide service for all your branding needs under one roof, helping you save time by dealing with one provider who understands your requirements.


We are a one stop design workshop based in Sydney, Australia providing service for uniforms with embroidery and printing, promotional items, designing web sites, graphics, printing. We offer a professional service at a very competitive price and compete to be one of the cheapest in Australia.

Our business started as a web and graphics designing agency in 2005 and we started printing business stationery and branding on uniforms and promotional items, giving our customers an advantage of combined service at a wholesale price.

Our team is dedicated to provide our customers the very best service and aim to provide cost effective and reliable solutions.  

We have a wide range of Uniforms, Promotional Items and we also provide Printing and Website Design services. If you have got a specific requirement or if you cannot find the product that suits your requirement, please call us on (02) 820 5757 2 and we will be happy to assist.